Revenue Hacker is a Seattle-based marketing consultancy owned and managed by Alex Andrade-Walz, a 10-year B2B software marketing veteran.

Alex’s experience spans the gamut across product and marketing. By the age of 16, he had taught himself HTML, CSS, Java, and basic Lua, before getting his first job as a game developer for an independent game design studio. Joining the company pre-launch of its flagship title, Alex’s insatiable curiosity and eagerness to make an impact quickly led him to explore the business side of growth. He volunteered to kickstart the company’s first marketing efforts, creating social profiles and managing a nascent fan community. Slowly but surely, he fell in love with marketing and transitioned into a role of marketing, community management, and product management, acting as a liaison between the fan community and the engineering teams.

Fast forward two years, this then-blossoming fan community would go on to pave the way for global distribution by showing the studio the popular support it needed to be among the first titles ‘green-lit’ for digital distribution over the Steam platform.

Since that first plunge into the world of marketing, Alex has made his career in launching innovative products and taking tech startups to market. Along the way, he has:

  • led growth for the fastest-growing private tech company in Washington;
  • developed and pitched an award-winning business plan;
  • managed over $5M in digital marketing spend with typical returns in the 300-500% range;
  • launched two category-creating products;
  • led the digital strategy for gubernatorial and senatorial election campaigns;
  • hired and led high-performance teams;
  • founded a chapter of the American Marketing Association; and,
  • contributed to the likes of Forbes, Adweek, Entrepreneur, MediaPost, The Huffington Post, Moz, and Business2Community.

“Marketing should be accountable for revenue.”

What is revenue operations (RevOps)?

And now, he’s looking to help other founders and marketers tell their story and grow results, through Revenue Hacker.

Revenue Hacker started as One Fell Swoop in 2012, rebranding in 2018 with a laser focus on revenue as a north star. The term is a play on “growth hacking” and the rising trend in revenue operations (RevOps). It’s the notion that marketing should be accountable for revenue, and speaks to a breaking down of barriers between marketing, sales, customer success, and product in favor of common alignment around the bottom line. In-house, Alex has sat on each of these four teams and understands not just the role they play in revenue generation, but also how they can each work together for greater success.

Revenue Hacker is currently a nights-and-weekends “side hustle” alongside Alex’s day job. He views it as a way to continue honing his skill, stay on top of the latest trends, and unleash his creative and entrepreneurial spirit. As such, client spots are limited. On an initial call, Alex will walk you through what availability looks like and the options to augment capacity through his extended network of designers, copywriters, and performance marketers, if desired.


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