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However, I’d still love to hear what you’re working on if you want to connect on LinkedIn.
Always happy to make intros within my network if you’re looking for top-tier marketers and RevOps leaders.

– Alex Andrade-Walz, Founder, Revenue Hacker

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About Alex

Alex Andrade-Walz is the founder and CEO of Revenue Hacker. He’s a Seattle-based full stack marketer with 12 years of experience, primarily in B2B SaaS, Web3, and Venture Capital.

His experience spans the gamut, from go-to-market strategy, product marketing, demand generation, and revenue operations. He’s built and managed high-performing marketing and customer success teams, driven nearly $80M in pipeline value, and led growth for the Inc 500’s fastest growing private tech company in Washington.

He started Revenue Hacker in 2012 (originally as One Fell Swoop, Inc.) as his nights-and-weekends ‘side hustle’ to provide a mix of coaching and hired gun services designed to help early-stage companies accelerate their revenue. Since then, Revenue Hacker has built out partnerships with leading freelancers across content marketing, SEO, graphic/UX design, revenue operations, and digital advertising to provide clients with a full-service offering. The company has worked with startups of all stages, as well as leading venture capital firms and multi-billion-dollar brands like Husqvarna and Orangetheory Fitness. In 2020, Revenue Hacker was recognized as one of the top growth marketing agencies by Mayple. 

Alex is passionate about local politics and has led digital strategy for multiple election campaigns, including gubernatorial and state senatorial races. He also loves to mentor budding entrepreneurs and LGBT+ youth, and is on the board of the Seattle University Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

He’s an avid reader and writer, and has been published in the likes of TechCrunch, Forbes, Adweek, Moz, Biometric Update, Ledger Insights, and Security Magazine. He shares his top growth stories and strategies on LinkedIn and in his newsletter, Revenue Hacks Weekly.

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